About Us


Every civilization in the world has come to realize the indispensable role of women in nurturing healthy and well-functioning societies. In our culture, such significance is attributed to women since times immemorial and the numerous ancient scriptures and Vedic chants articulated in praise of women bear testimony to this fact.

The time has changed. Gone are the days where women were confined to grooming their families. From homemakers to career seekers, the role of women has taken a paradigm shift transforming them into strong economic pillars of a family. What's more? Women have consistently proven to the world that they are second to none and are as efficient as their male counterparts in any profession.

It is in the above scenario, the emphasis is on top-quality education that helps women excel in their chosen field and gains precedence, Annie Besant College is one such institution that made pioneering strides in shaping the women of tomorrow through world-class Intermediate, Graduate and Post Graduate Education.


Our College is named after Annie Besantas she is a beacon of inspiration for women for generations to come, be it her moral courage, commitment to purpose, personal integrity, vast knowledge or proven academics, she epitomizes the inherent strength of a woman.

We at Annie Besant Women's College draw inspiration from her and make conscious efforts in infusing women with character, courage, discipline and personality besides providing world class education so that they can manage their careers or shape the destiny of their family or society with equal ease.

We are proud that our college is consistently shaping women of high caliber since two decades, who not only have made a difference to their lives but are making a difference to their professions and society.